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The concept of a cluster is well established in mature international markets such as Europe and North America. In the EU for example, almost 30% of business is conducted through networks of technology companies, even where these organisations compete in their own right. A successful cluster usually consists of a mapped and growing ecosystem of collaborating companies and related stakeholders.

Considering the future needs of the Mining Sector – with a highly coordinated ecosystem of technology vendors with an orchestrated set of integrated applications – it is key for Australia to embrace the collaboration model that cluster initiatives provide.

METS Ignited can help establish your cluster initiative. Find out more about how you can contribute to a collaborative project for the mining sector, please contact our team today.

Current Programs

With 15 events over the past 9 months, and over 500 attendees nationally, including world leading mining companies, researchers, and METS Companies, today there are a number of emerging clusters in the METS sector. Some recent examples include:

Digital Data and Analytics

Approximately 25 Network Associates

The goal to find collaborative opportunities and strengthen the digital ecosystem to enable the conversion of data into knowledge and value.

Automation & Robotics

Over 35 Network Associates

A highly active and motivated cluster with partnerships in the US and Canada, as well as global partners and a broad network of technology researchers.

Tailings & Mine Affected Water

Over 30 Network Associates

High social value focussed group with a broad range of industry stakeholders with the goal of developing, promoting and advancing commercial solutions for global effected mine waters.