Creativity and the facilitation of innovation are the cornerstones of success in the new knowledge economy.

Our research shows that innovation performance is enhanced by the development of an innovation culture.

The components of a culture of innovation are:

  • A set of values that support innovation
  • Leader behaviours that encourage and support innovation
  • Resources mobilised to support innovation
  • Internal organisational processes enabling effective management of innovation
  • An innovation climate characterised by collaboration and creativity

With these elements in place, innovation performance is improved.

This micro-accelerator provides a tool to diagnose your current organisation’s innovation culture and provides strategies and interventions to reduce barriers and increase innovation.

With 4 years of applied research, and funding from the Queensland Government and Mining 3, Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for METS Business Innovation (CMBI) has developed this micro-accelerator to support our mining and METS sector.

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Building an Innovation Culture



Who should attend?

Managers or leaders within METS businesses who wish to develop or enhance the current innovation culture within their business. Leaders may be responsible for the entire business, large or small, or for one work unit within a business.


Innovation Diagnostic Tool (Pre-work)

Where does your organisation currently sit and where would you like it to be?

Innovation Concepts

Understand the concept of culture, innovation culture, and the framework and concepts underpinning the Innovation Diagnostic Tool.

What needs to change?

Consider your own data from the pre-work session and identify potential areas where change is needed to meet innovation objectives.

How can we change?

Identify how this change can happen, what the change means and does not mean, and look at strategic action steps that could be useful. Throughout the process, barriers to change and how they could be addressed will be discussed.


Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for METS Business Innovation (CMBI) identifies the business, organisational, management and ecosystem dynamics that can potentially inhibit the adoption of new technologies in the METS and mining sector. Using evidence-based research, CMBI co-develop with industry and government, solutions that will drive value creation around these new technologies.  In doing so, they address the major challenges for technology transformation in the METS sector.

Professor Cameron Newton

Professor Cameron Newton

Cameron is the Head of the School of Management at the QUT’s Faculty of Business and Law, and Program Leader in the Centre for METS Business Innovation. He is actively involved in research related to stress, organisational culture, and organisational effectiveness with a focus on employee wellbeing.

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