The METS Ignited Masterclass Program has been developed in consultation with key industry players and responds to the current challenges and opportunities faced by Australian METS businesses as a result of new technologies and changing external pressures.

The masterclasses are designed to cater for businesses at differing levels of maturity and are run by experienced delivery partners capable of responding to individual circumstances and business needs.

Current Masterclasses

Export Readiness Masterclass

Exporting or undertaking cross-border trade involves complex processes. It requires substantial resources, the right knowledge and skill, and networks to succeed. As global trading conditions shift dramatically in recent times, the difficulties and risks businesses face have escalated.

While there are challenges, engaging in foreign markets can also provide significant opportunities for business growth. The Export Readiness Masterclass will enhance your essential knowledge and preliminary connections to help achieve these.

Join us to get a meaningful boost in your capability. ECA and guest presenters will provide up-to-date information and real-life examples, as well as take a practical and innovative approach to discuss issues.


Intellectual Property Masterclass

Are you developing a great new product or service for the resources sector? Do you have a great new opportunity ready to commercialise?  Now is the time to consider protecting your ideas from being copied, protecting your competitive position and product or service differentiation, and even protecting your technology investments.

In the Intellectual Property Masterclass participants will learn how to protect their revenue streams now and in the future.

This program is designed for business technology leaders and managers looking to understand the role that IP plays in protecting their business assets.


Sales and Marketing Masterclass

Founders of a number of Australia’s leading METS companies identified building dedicated sales and marketing expertise as instrumental to their business growth and success.  In response, METS Ignited has commissioned two courses as part of a new masterclass program – Sales & Marketing Strategy and Business Development & Sales Process Implementation.  These courses will provide you with the advice and support you need to develop and implement a sales strategy to help grow your business.

This masterclass is recommended for METS founders, owners, MDs, CFOs, GMs and your Sales and Marketing team.

Visit the Sales and Marketing Masterclass page for more information.