The global mining environment is highly dynamic. METS firms need to create novel business models that unlock new economic value from new technologies; support more resilient competitive advantages and improve readiness for change across the sector.

Have you ever wondered how your organisation’s business model stacks up?

Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for METS Business Innovation (CMBI), with funding from the Queensland Government and Mining 3, carried out a national business model survey. This survey examined the performance and characteristics of the business models of 300 METS firms active in Australia, representing a wide variety of industries, geographical locations, employee sizes and levels of engagement with the sector. From the results of this survey CMBI created a Business Model Benchmarking Tool. This micro-accelerator will allow you to benchmark your organisation’s business model and will provide advice on how you can improve your business model.

Business Model Evaluation and Improvement

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Who should attend?

Managers or leaders within METS businesses who have responsibly for setting or managing the strategic direction of their business.


Business Model Benchmarking Tool (Pre-work)

How does your organisation stack up against other METS companies?

How to innovate and scale your business model

Work through your worksheet to improve elements of your business model

Next steps

Practical steps that you can take to improve your business model


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Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for METS Business Innovation (CMBI) identifies the business, organisational, management and ecosystem dynamics that can potentially inhibit the adoption of new technologies in the METS and mining sector. Using evidence-based research, CMBI co-develop with industry and government, solutions that will drive value creation around these new technologies. In doing so, they address the major challenges for technology transformation in the METS sector.
Dr Henri Burgers

Dr Henri Burgers

Henri Burgers is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at The University of Queensland, and Program Leader in the Centre for METS Business Innovation. Henri has worked with leading firms, industry associations and governments across the globe, and delivers workshops on strategic decision-making and agile innovation.

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