Regional Impact of METS & Mining



Pilbara Region, WA

88% of total regional economic activity



Bowen-Surat Region, QLD

63% of total regional economic activity



Hunter Region, NSW

34% of total regional economic activity

Pilbara Region, Western Australia
Bowen-Surat Region, Queensland
Hunter Region, New South Wales

Economic Significance of the METS Sector



Gross Value Added

The METS sector contributes $92 billion to the Australian economy (Gross Value Added)


300,000 directly

People Employed

METS businesses employ 300,000 people directly and when supporting businesses are included figures indicate over half a million jobs exist in the sector.


Year on Year Average

Annual Growth

Year on year the sector experiences an average growth rate of 7%, far outpacing the average growth of the Australian economy.

The METS sector is one of Australia’s largest, alongside other major economic drivers such as construction, agriculture and retail.

Growth & Opportunities in the METS Sector

Professional & Technical Services

Domain experts from within the industry with operational experience to enable the connected workforce to effectively interact with new technology introduced into the mining operation.

Technical Equipment Manufacturing

Jobs and skills that will enable the automation and integration of semi and fully autonomous equipment into the mining value chain, including interoperability platforms and data enablement.

Information & Operational Technology

Application of the next generation of IoT technology – from traditional software applications and automation systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and real time integration.

Australian METS continues to grow

Since its foundation in 2016, METS Ignited has witnessed double digit GVA growth for the METS Sector in Australia.  Employment has also continued to rise year on year, with over 1.1Million employees nationally. Australia continues to be a global leader in the Mining Technology sector – recognised the world over for our innovation, practical skills and application of remote technology.

Transformative Impacts of Technology in Mining

As the shift of automation in mining moves from mining company led integration of existing equipment, to the implementation of the next generation of digitally enabled technology from METS companies, the projected growth for the sector is estimated to add more than $50Billion to the local economy by 2030. This projects almost 80,000 additional jobs in the METS sector through embracing the technology opportunity that automation creates for the industry.