Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has the potential to transform businesses. Unfortunately, CRM is commonly misunderstood, and most implementations fail.

Developed by 1000 Steps in conjunction with METS Ignited, this Masterclass will enable you to start the journey to transform your business through CRM.

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A well integrated CRM solution is critical to grow your sales. Without one, your sales performance cannot be effectively managed and controlled and you will never really know why you are failing.

Having a CRM solution that your team wants to use, that supports their work and allows you to efficiently scale is a crucial ingredient for profitable growth.

It helps direct:

  • Safe and secure data storage and management
  • Planning and time-management
  • Forecasting
  • Pipeline management
  • Lead, client, prospect touch-point management
  • Pipeline meeting information storage
  • Outbound lead generation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Appointment bookings
  • Existing client management

Customer Relationship Management Masterclass


Free for METS organisations
(valued at $1,250)

Who should attend?

Founder, Owner, MD, CTO, CFO, GM, and Heads of Sales & Marketing

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What are the business benefits of implementing a CRM?

How does CRM contribute to business success?

Aligning with well-defined customer-facing processes

CRM systems should support the real processes that teams follow. A CRM should facilitate a model and support people, not increase their workload. Process-oriented CRMs benefit everyone.

It all starts with the customer database

The database is the core of the CRM. Without a properly designed database, you have nothing. CRM is all about managing data. Most companies have huge CRM databases that serve no purpose. Filtering and using data in a CRM is critical, and every name should be associated with an action.

Management processes and a dashboard to manage performance

What is our team management process? What is our forecasting process? How do we diagnose and correct performance issues? What is our sales management process? Without a clear dashboard that provides process health insights, you will struggle to understand and manage your business.

Securing a clear vision and objectives with ongoing management support

Implementing CRM requires leadership from management. CRM is a strategy that should be planned, meticulously implemented, and rigorously monitored.

Training, coaching and follow up

How do you implement a CRM system? How do you train all your team members? How do you keep the team engaged? How do you measure success?


1000 Steps

With offices in Australia, Singapore and the UK, 1000Steps uses proven best practices in pedagogy to ensure that learning outcomes are effectively achieved.Three of these include deep learning, active engagement and constructive alignment. Active engagement is the key strategy used within the 1000Steps training program to enable deep learning to take place – learners are constantly tasked to situate their prior knowledge within new and successful paradigms of thinking, then to apply the new knowledge to their current context and finally to take ownership of what they have learned in creating their way forward.

Fraser Morrison

Fraser Morrison

Founder / CEO

[email protected]

Fraser has been in Sales for over 31 years, as Consultant and Director. Specialising in building models to optimise sales processes and people. His whole focus with clients is based on outcomes and how to bring these about.

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes

Founder / CEO Australia & NZ

[email protected]

Mark is a highly credentialed Senior Sales and Marketing executive with global success working with CEO and MD to improve sales performance for major international B2B and B2C brands in multiple sectors.

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