Exporting or undertaking cross-border trade involves complex processes.  It requires substantial resources, the right knowledge and skill, and networks to succeed.  As global trading conditions shift dramatically in recent times, the difficulties and risks businesses face have escalated.


While there are challenges, engaging in foreign markets can also provide significant opportunities for business growth.  The Export Readiness Masterclass will enhance your essential knowledge and preliminary connections to help achieve these.

Join us to get a meaningful boost in your capability. ECA and guest presenters will provide up-to-date information and real-life examples, as well as take a practical and innovative approach to discussing issues.

This masterclass has been developed by the Export Council of Australia and industry experts in conjunction with METS Ignited.

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Free for METS organisations
Training will be offered to 15 companies (max. 2 people per company)

Who should attend?

Founder, Owner, MD/CEO, CFO, GM, and Export Managers


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Export Fundamentals Course

If you are looking to export or have just started engaging in cross-border trade, this course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skill to help you launch and sustain your venture.


Session 1: Understanding the Exporter’s Journey

Objective: Be familiar with the different stages of exporting and become better prepared for each step

Coverage: Assessing internal capabilities; determining licenses and permissions; navigating logistics and documentations; learning from successful exporters


Session 2: Developing your Brand and Marketing Strategies

Objective: Gain an understanding of marketing techniques, building a brand, and protecting intellectual assets

Coverage: Branding for growth; psychology of marketing; consultative selling; copyright; trademark; trade secrets; patent


Session 3: Identifying and Managing Risks

Objective: Recognise the various forms and sources of risks and minimising their impact, including through awareness of macro-environment, top level governance, insurance, and local community engagement

Coverage: Political and economic risks; contracts; non-payments; ESG best practice


Session 4: Discussing Key Logistics and Supply Chain Management Challenges

Objective: Gain an understanding of the process of shipping goods, including who the players are, and what charges and documentations may be required

Coverage: key logistics terminologies; Incoterms (international commercial terms); supply chain management


Session 5: Entering a New Market

Objective: Take account of the various considerations when entering a market, including options for market entry strategy and alternative business models

Coverage: Opportunity analysis; market entry methods (e.g., licensing or joint venture); business model canvas


Free for METS organisations
50 places available

Who should attend?

Founder, Owner, MD/CEO, CFO, GM, Export Managers

Market Insights – Informative Sessions

These sessions will cover specific markets, including their unique political-economic settings, business cultures and structures, as well as commercial opportunities.  Experts, including in-market professionals and cross-border consultants, will provide insights into how to enter and navigate each market.


Session 1: Market Insights into Chile & Peru

Thursday 21 July, 11:00-12:00 AEST

Session 2: Market Insights into India

Thursday 28 July, 11:00-12:00 AEST

Session 3: Market Insights into Africa

Focus on Southern Africa & Ghana
Thursday 4 August, 11:00-12:00 AEST


For over 60 years, the Export Council of Australia has been working with businesses to build their skills and know-how to harness global opportunities.

The Export Council of Australia is a membership organisation that helps businesses go global sustainably, through education, advocacy, connections, and promotion.

The Export Council of Australia will be joined by guest experts from legal, logistics and financial industries, as well as representatives with specific country/market know-how.

Arnold Jorge

CEO Export Council of Australia

Arnold is a former senior trade official, diplomat and consultant with over 20 years of experience in international trade, aid, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Arnold has led training programs, including for the Australian Passport Office and for APEC. He is focused on delivering meaningful results for clients through collaboration, data-informed decision-making, and innovation.

Stefanie Harter

National Training Manager, Export Council of Australia

Stefanie has developed content and interactive training offerings for key Australian businesses, industry bodies, and governments.

Over the past two years, Stefanie has managed trainings for both the public and private sector, having worked closely with the NSW Government, Trade and Investment Queensland, Export Finance of Australia, Austrade, and hundreds of Australian exporters.

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