The Masterclass program is specifically designed to help METS companies obtain a working knowledge of IP and how it can enhance their business performance both in Australia and in international markets.


This masterclass has been developed by METS Ignited together with the Dennemeyer Group.

Intellectual Property Masterclass

Why would you need to protect your IP?

  • To protect your ideas from being copied
  • To protect your competitive position and product/service differentiation
  • To protect your investment in technology
  • To protect new revenue streams – now and into the future
  • To protect the ability to more easily licensed your technology to third parties
  • IP is critical to protect your innovation
  • IP can enhance your company value
  • IP can support your businesses to obtain financing
Starting with an introductory self–paced course (IP Basics) to enable participants to understand the basics of IP protection and the role of IP in their organisation, the Masterclass program is then delivered online in 3 x 2-hour sessions over two weeks. The Masterclass is followed by an additional one-on-one session with the facilitators to raise confidential IP-related questions, issues and comments relating to their operations.

Participants should allow about 3 hours to complete the introductory IP Basics course which includes reflective exercises. This course is a pre-requisite to undertaking the IP Masterclass.

Masterclass overview

  • Learn first-hand from experienced IP professionals with significant practical knowledge in the mining and resource-based industries
  • Gain access to comprehensive course content and reference materials tailored to the METS industry
  • Reinforce your learnings through industry-based reflective exercises, revision type quizzes, and industry-based workshop activities


  • Develop a working knowledge of IP law in Australia, as well as overseas
  • Increase awareness of the types of protection available to Australian businesses, how they differ and how they can be best utilised by METS companies
  • Increase awareness of the resources available to support IP protection and related intellectual asset management

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Intellectual Property Masterclass


Free for METS organisations
Limited places available
(valued at $2,000)

Who should attend?

Business technology leaders and managers looking to understand the role that IP plays in protecting their business assets.

Registrations have now closed

IP Basics

Self-paced online introductory course that:

  • provides participants with a broad introduction to the concepts of IP and its creation, protection, and management
  • establishes a sound foundation for the IP protection and management concepts covered in the IP Masterclass program
  • gives examples of patents, trademarks and registered designs relevant to the METS Industry.

Through carefully selected quizzes and reflective exercises, participants are encouraged to understand the role of IP in their business, and rather than simply a legal protection mechanism, but how it can be used to develop and maintain competitive advantage.


Session 1

IP Basics Course Refresher

Module 1: Protection of IP - the key objective is to investigate how best to protect creative efforts and maximise value for the company.

Module 2: Development of IP - looks at the potential IP lifecycle from concept to commercialisation, options for the development of IP and the IP implications of each approach.


Session 2

Module 3: IP Strategy and Portfolio Management - takes a wider strategic view and delves into the importance of ensuring your IP strategy is consistent with and is related to other key strategies – technology, business, operational, marketing, HR and the like.

Module 4: Commercialisation of IP - applying or transferring your IP and related technology to another party where benefits can be shared.


Session 3

Module 5: Licensing - the perspectives of both the technology owner (Licensor) and technology user (Licensee) are addressed as ultimately any successful licensing deal requires a “win/win” scenario.

Module 6: IP for International Markets - pulls together many of the concepts presented in earlier modules and applies these for the benefit of companies considering entering international markets. International Market Entry options are explored, and particularly from the perspectives of Return, Risk, and Control.

"Wrap-Up" module: Addresses some of the more general questions participants should consider in their own workplaces upon completion of the Masterclass. Contains lists and links to IP Masterclass reference materials, as well as where participants can look for further information where required.


One-On-One Sessions

Each participant will have the opportunity of a one-on-one discussion session with the masterclass presenters approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the final Module.
Participants will be able to raise on a confidential basis any IP issues relevant to their own company that they did not wish to address in the open forum and discussions throughout the masterclass.



Course delivered by the Dennemeyer Group, a leading global full-service provider for IP management with more than 55 years of experience in delivering quality IP services. Headquartered in Luxembourg with a global presence in 20+ offices across all continents, its services include patent annuities, trademark renewals, strategic IP consulting and cutting-edge software solutions for effective IP management.

Working in unison with the law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, Dennemeyer also provides professional attorney services in the world’s major IP jurisdictions.

Dr Dallas L. Wilkinson

Dr Dallas L. Wilkinson

Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific

[email protected]

Dallas is a recognised thought leader with the ability to lead the design, development and delivery of multi-dimensional cross-functional solutions bringing together Strategy, Business Process, Organisational Design and Change Management to create true value. Dallas is currently the Managing Director for Asia Pacific for Dennemeyer Intellectual Property Group and the principal and owner of Enhanced Performance Business Advisory.

John Walker

John Walker

Senior Consultant, Patent and Trademarks Attorney

[email protected]

John Walker is an IP management specialist and technology commercialization specialist with almost 40 years working in the Resources Industry, as well as managing Australia’s largest patent portfolio across all industry sectors – mining, agriculture, biotechnology, physics etc. Having established Dennemeyer & Associates in Australia, he is currently a specialist consultant with Dennemeyer. His experience includes senior management roles in Licensing, Commercial and Business Development, Strategic Planning (with BHP), and Intellectual Property management (CSIRO).

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