As the world moves into a post-COVID phase, building your sales and marketing strategy and driving effective implementation of that strategy has never been more important.

Development of a solid sales and marketing strategy is a critical first step. This includes identifying your target customer segments, effectively differentiating from competitors and engaging a compelling value proposition. From here, the marketing mix can be aligned to create the best platform for your sales efforts.

The second step is aligning the business development and sales processes so that the whole sales team is working according to best practises. Your team needs to attain best practises in lead generation, first meetings, discovery meetings, collaboration meetings and to produce engaging value-based proposals. They need to be working according to a clear sales model with the right performance metrics for accurate planning and follow up purposes.

Developed by 1000 Steps in conjunction with METS Ignited, our comprehensive and integrated courses will enable you to build an effective sales and marketing strategy, and to translate this into bespoke sales processes that can be implemented immediately.

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Sales and Marketing Masterclass

Over Two Integrated Courses


Online Course

May 25, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 AEST
Jun 1, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 AEST
Jun 8, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 AEST
Jun 15, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 AEST
Jun 22, 2022 10:00 – 12:00 AEST


Free for the first 30 METS organisations
(valued at $2,250)

Who should attend?

Founder, Owner, MD, CFO, GM, and Heads of Sales & Marketing

Course One: Sales and Marketing Strategy


Part 1: Segmentation (1 session)

Segmentation is the foundation of your sales and marketing strategy. It is about illuminating your choices and is as much about deciding who you will not target as it is about who you will target. In this session, we will share the principles that enable you to fine-tune your approach. This will ensure that your marketing mix and subsequent activities are applied more precisely in order to improve your return on investment.

Part 2: Differentiation (2 sessions)

Differentiation is a strategic choice to distinguish yourself from competitors in a way that appeals to your target customers. There are many ways to do this, but to be successful requires the entire business to be in alignment. In two 2-hour sessions, we will outline the strategic options available to differentiate your business and help you to identify, or fine-tune, the best path to help you stand out from the crowd.

Part 3: The Value Proposition (2 sessions)

Your value proposition ultimately determines whether customers will buy from you and how much they will be prepared to pay. And if they do, whether they will remain loyal and repurchase. In business-to-business applications, the best value propositions will directly explain how you increase your customers’ revenue, and/or reduce their costs and risks better than competitors. In two 2-hour sessions, we will help you to create or fine-tune your value proposition, so that you can win more business while justifying higher prices.


Starting in July 2022


Free for METS organisations
Limited places available
(valued at $1,600)

Who should attend?

Founder, Owner, MD, CFO, GM, and Heads of Sales & Marketing. And all sales team members.

Course Two: Business Development and Sales Process Implementation


Part 1: Introduction to Lead Generation and Linkedin Profile Building

Skip the cold calls and harness the power of smarter lead generation tools such as referrals, networking and LinkedIn. This session helps you build your LinkedIn profile and elevate your virtual presence and starts you on the journey of outbound marketing and account-based marketing.

Part 2: Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Turn into an outbound and account-based lead magnet and discover how to drive unlimited leads into your pipeline without the spam. Deep-dive into meaningful interactions revolving around your clear target market.

Part 3: Goal Planning and Smashing Your Metrics

This session helps you leverage technology to book meetings, determine the metrics you need to track and how to set achievable goals.

Part 4: Productive First Meetings

The first meeting is the most important meeting of all. If this fails your efforts will go no further. Ace your first meetings with the perfect framework that arms you with preparation tools and research methods to build a strong relationship without pitching.

Part 5: Productive First Meetings continued

Understand how to make your sales more consultative vs. transactional. Learn how to summarise your meeting, frame next steps and step into a solid sales cycle that leads to trusted relationships, deep discovery and clear next steps.

Part 6: The Secret to Quality: Discovery Meetings

This session will be your new secret weapon to avoiding the most common sales issues that range from an inadequate understanding of client needs, price discounting, over-length sales cycles, and understanding the role of various decision-makers. Build your discovery model and a bank of questions that you will be able to use in your discovery meetings.

Part 7: Concluding the Discovery Meeting

Here we continue to build your discovery model and a bank of questions. We will test and trial these questions to make sure you are getting the best outcome from your discovery to progress with your clients.

Part 8: Bringing it All Together: The Collaboration Meeting

This module will help you discover the holy grail of sales. Learn how to convert information into dialogue by letting your clients tell you exactly what they want and exploring outcomes. This critical step leads to a far simpler and effective proposal presentation meeting.

Part 9: Making it Yours: A Sales Model for Your Business

In this final module, put your powerful Sales Toolkit into action. From supercharging your lead pipeline to having effective meetings and setting realistic goals this session prepares you with a 3-month forecast helping you get the results you need.

Session Follow Up Power Hours

Power Hours are a 1-hour peer to peer, collaborative session for everyone to come together to review & discuss the information covered in the courses. Benefits of these power hours include not only one-on-one questions & feedback with our facilitators, but more importantly peer-to-peer learning. We believe learning from each other is crucial in order to gain more perspectives and enhanced insight for your business.


1000 Steps

With offices in Australia, Singapore and the UK, 1000Steps uses proven best practices in pedagogy to ensure that learning outcomes are effectively achieved.Three of these include deep learning, active engagement and constructive alignment. Active engagement is the key strategy used within the 1000Steps training program to enable deep learning to take place – learners are constantly tasked to situate their prior knowledge within new and successful paradigms of thinking, then to apply the new knowledge to their current context and finally to take ownership of what they have learned in creating their way forward.

Fraser Morrison

Fraser Morrison

Group CEO

[email protected]

Fraser has been in Sales for over 31 years, as Consultant and Director. Specialising in building models to optimise sales processes and people in Professional Services firms. His whole focus with clients is based on outcomes and how to bring these about.

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes

CEO Australia / NZ

[email protected]

Mark is a highly credentialed Senior Sales and Marketing executive with global success working with CEO and MD to improve sales performance for major international B2B and B2C brands in multiple sectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the courses relate to one another?

The courses and the topics within them are designed to be studied in a sequence, so that an integrated model can be built for your company.

Should I or my team attend both courses?

The recommended attendees are listed for each course. It is important for your organisation’s leaders to attend both courses, so that they are contributors to the strategy and the new embedded processes. This means that your leadership team will build and own the strategy together. It is most important for your sales team to attend course 2.

How should I prepare for each course?

Preparation is not necessary. However, it will be beneficial to know what will be taught in advance so that you can assemble any relevant background materials / briefing notes for the key stakeholders in your business.

Will this be a highly theoretical program?

No. The emphasis is on the practical implementation of tools and processes in your business. However, the course is built on very strong foundations and from time to time, theoretical frameworks will be used to explain concepts.

What can I do if any part of the course is unclear or my business is having difficulties?

The team at 1000 Steps will be available to assist during the course sessions and in Session follow up Power Hours, or by special appointment.

Sales and Marketing isn’t our company strength. Will these courses be too complex for us?

The course, the style of training and Power Hours are designed to suit all levels of competency.

Can you confirm the dates and times for each course?

We have provided the week commencing dates above and once registrations have been received, we will advise all times.

How will we attend training?

Training will be delivered over zoom. You can access the live training through any laptop or mobile device with a good wifi signal.

Our team works remotely. How can we best attend together? 

Please make sure your team registers with the same company name details. Then we will ensure all team members are scheduled onto the same courses. Furthermore, we will place your team into virtual rooms together so that you can work as one when required.