The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector that has emerged from within Australia’s mining industry already spans pre and post production, as well as the production outcomes. As we look at the future critical minerals roadmap there will be a new set of technology priorities to economically recover those minerals, in a safe, sustainable and economically viable way. The downstream conversion of our local mineral resources will match future technologies, particularly around renewables and energy storage key to the sustainability of our future resources sector.

The Australian Government Modern Manufacturing Strategy is specifically targeted to harness Australian manufacturing capability and drive our economic recovery and future resilience. The vision for the Strategy is for Australia to be recognised as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation that helps to deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.

The Modern Manufacturing Strategy will focus on areas of comparative advantage and strategic importance. These National Manufacturing Priorities are:

  1. Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Medical Products
  4. Recycling & Clean Energy
  5. Defence
  6. Space

It is plain to see that the Australian METS sector is already heavily engaged within these national priorities. The technologies that make our resources sector viable are in high demand from multiple other industry sectors, with METS companies already engaged with Defence, the Recycling and Clean Energy Sector, and even into Space. Our core capabilities which are world leading are in automation and robotics, data and analytics, safety, sustainability and social licence responsibilities, and energy use, storage, renewable generation and recycling.

When you aggregate the technology capabilities developed in our sector across all of Australia’s priority industries, there is a substantial local demand to support a strong and sustainable local technology sector.

What is different about this approach to economic recovery and growth, is the recognition of the important role technology has played in our national strengths.

The focus is now on ensuring that our world leading innovation that enables all of these sectors is productised and commercialised within our national economy.

To achieve this, we must invest in our advanced manufacturing capability, to support local business productisation and commercialising the innovations that have emerged from within our research sector.

Here at METS Ignited, we are excited by the new opportunities that the Modern Manufacturing Strategy provides our existing and emerging METS companies as they expand and grow their local footprint.

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