Project description and overview

Battery Electric Vehicle Scale-up

The Bortana EV is a battery electric vehicle designed to handle the aggressive operating environment of underground mines. Designed and developed in Australia by Safescape, the Bortana EV tackles safety and health concerns in mining head on through zero emissions, reduced heat and lower maintenance. The ability to deliver at scale is an important factor in the adoption of electric vehicles in the resources sector.

The underlying platform of the Bortana EV is based on an automotive production line with capacity of up to 200 vehicles per month. This project has invested in capacity and capability to scale-up production, with a focus on infrastructure and systems improvement to meet the demands of industry.

Project Status

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


Supporting mining industry transition to net zero.

Increasing mining company early adopters access to electric vehicles sooner.


20 additional jobs (direct and indirect) at initial run rate. Exponential job growth as production scales.