Project description and overview

MaxMine, from Resolution Systems, is an IOT type solution which monitors and automatically analyses mobile fleet to identify and prioritise opportunities, then lock in and track improvements. Presently focussed on haul truck operations, it allows pinpointing and detailing of issues with drivers, equipment, haul route condition and design. Unlike many existing solutions, including Fleet Management Systems from the major OEMS, it enables much higher frequency sampling as well as automated analysis.

It is running on iron ore, coal and hard rock mines in Australia and Africa. Resolution Systems has now been approached by several clients to broaden the solution to cover drills (Action Drill and Blast), dig units (Newmont Boddington), and underground assets (Vedanta Black Mountain Mine and Petra Diamonds).

Given the customer interest, Resolution have identified an opportunity to partner with specialist mining technology providers to deliver new fronts as follows:

  • Mobile asset optimisation: extending existing analysis and reporting capabilities to cover additional assets (drills, shovels, underground equipment).
  • Drill (mine) to mill: Team up with expert technology providers to develop a set of tools and processes (incl. change management), allowing optimisation from mine to mill. This includes an interoperable architecture for the spatio-temporal data collected and required for analysis, enabling feed-forward and feed-back control/decision loops.

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Project Participants


Government Funds


10% to 20% productivity improvement in haulage.

Increased R&D spend.

Creating more opportunities for new Fleet Management software.


Revenue of $40M – $50M p.a. within 5 years.


35 FTE positions, mainly software developers and optimisation experts.