Project description and overview

Universal Field Robots (UFR) in collaborate with IMDEX will design, build and test an autonomous robotic platform for underground which will navigate to position, locate and survey drill holes, clean the blasthole and measure deviation and material characteristics. Data collected will be transmitted to enable improved data analysis and decision making. This project aligns with the Zero Entry mining automation ambitions of the mining industry and will improve the quality of the ore mined due to better blasting practices.

This project has provided access to international markets through early adopters in Australia. In addition, there is access to other sectors, e. g. Defence (similarities to METS). As a result, UFR is now working in defence and the construction industry.  The current project in South Africa with Scan RF (radio equipment) supports radio equipment in the mine sites. UFR have two machines with IMDEX in Chile currently. They are looking for further geographic expansion in this market. The collaboration with IMDEX’s global footprint has allowed UFR to service customers around the world.

Project Status

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


The potential to impact materially on key mining metrics of ore recovery, mining grade and dilution Network impact on the implementation of follow-on systems in other areas of the operations.


Expected $100M – $200M p.a. revenue


7 FTE jobs per site.