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Australia’s own 3ME recently announced the outcome of their collaboration with the Australian Army – the new prototype ePMV. The electric protected mobility vehicle – eMPV – is the result of the Australian Defence Force’s enhanced collaboration with industry and demonstrates their commitment to innovation and emerging technologies.

As the Army looks to the future, the Australian designed and built eMPV will keep personnel safe under fire and bring the benefits of electric vehicles, such as being quieter than combustion vehicles, to the battlefield. By supporting this technology, the Army is creating innovative operational advantages and growing Australian industries and jobs.

3ME Technology is an Australian heavy-vehicle battery manufacturer designing and producing energy-dense, lithium-ion battery systems in a modular format to power mining and military electric vehicles (EV) and equipment. These technologies also have transferable applications in the marine and aerospace sectors.

Australian knowhow and expertise, with the support of METS Ignited funding, originally enabled the design of an electric battery personnel carrier for use in underground mining. Delivering significant safety outcomes by reducing exposure to noise, heat and fumes, the product has been commercially successful in the Australian market. In applying the learnings from designing a more environmentally sustainable and safer Australian built underground electric vehicle, adapted to serve the Army’s future aspirations, 3ME has proven the transfer of technology across our key economic sectors is a reality.

METS Ignited CEO Adrian Beer said the utilisation of this technology by the Army clearly demonstrates the flexibility of Australian innovation and technology for cross-sector application.

“Taking tested and ruggedised innovation, that we were proud to support, and applying it to meet the need of the Australian Defence Force is something we are replicating with many of the projects,” he said.

“This demonstrates what decades of innovation in the resources sector can deliver. Congratulations to 3ME for their hard work and to the Army for investing in Australian expertise.”