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The last of the three sessions of the fully subscribed Intellectual Property masterclass was held today. The 15 companies that attended also have the option to attend 1-on-1 sessions with the presenters to discuss, on a confidential basis, any IP issues relevant to their own company that they did not wish to address in the open forum and discussions throughout the masterclass. The masterclass and the 1-on-1 sessions have been fully funded by METS Ignited.

Excellent feedback was received from participants:
I have spoken to many who operate in this space and this is the first time I have actually encountered both practical and highly useable information that actually answers questions.

It was simply brilliant, both pragmatic and relevant.

It definitely added great value to my understanding of IP and has given me more confidence in creating an IP strategy that fits our organisation’s strategic goals.

Kathleen Conrad, General Manager Operational Programs commented “One of the things I find the most satisfying is knowing that what we are doing is really making a difference. When you get this sort of feedback, you know that you are hitting the mark.