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Queensland boasts hundreds of METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services) companies and a long history of developing innovative products and services to solve the challenges faced by the mining industry.  Many of these companies are world leaders in their respective fields.

Today’s increasingly competitive business environment means METS companies need to work harder than ever to promote their capabilities and ensure they are giving themselves the best chance of retaining customers and securing new ones.

Or they can work smarter, and adopt audio visual material as a key ingredient in supporting customer engagement and the continued promotion of the great innovation coming from the METS sector.

METS Ignited and the Queensland Government are proud to announce a further round of matched funding to promote the world-leading METS capabilities.

What is the Queensland METS Audio Visual (AV) Production Program?

The METS AV Production Program will assist Queensland METS companies to engage a local audio-visual company to prepare short videos highlighting:

a) past successes and innovations;

b) current capabilities, products and services; and /or

c) future company direction.

Matched funding of up to $2,500 (inc GST) will be made available to eligible Queensland METS companies.

Applications are now open and close Monday, 16 December 2019.

Apply now to take advantage of this opportunity to develop professional material to promote and grow your business.

Next steps:

  1. Engage an experienced, local audio-visual company;
  2. Complete an application form; and
  3. Submit your application form and quote from the audio-visual company to [email protected] before Monday, 16 December 2019.

If you have any queries please email [email protected].