Who are they?

3ME Technology is an Australian heavy-vehicle battery manufacturer designing and producing energy-dense, lithium battery systems in a modular format to power mining and military electric vehicles (EV) and equipment. Their vehicle projects are also supporting the local manufacturing and STEM workforce. 3ME’s vision is to create cleantech for the highest, deepest and toughest endeavours.

They are empowering global partners to operate smarter, safer and more sustainably.

Driving Innovation

3ME Technology partnered with Safescape to develop the Bortana EV, and Aeris Resources and Batt Mobile Equipment to develop the TritEV, as part of the METS Ignited Collaborative Projects Funds initiative.
Their world-first 1000VAC to DC charger supports the uptake of battery technology by the mine sites – reducing the onus of introducing Battery Technology to operations, by removing the need for additional infrastructure. Their EV vehicles are now supporting a transition of a traditional mining workforce to one focused on renewable technology.

Looking Forward

Named the most innovative company in the Agriculture, Mining and Utilities sector for 2021 by AFR Boss for their Bladevolt battery system, 3ME continues to scale up its production facility to deliver on demand. More recently 3ME have partnered with Defence Science and Technology, the Australian Army and RICO to develop a first-of-kind prototype Electric Protected Mobility Vehicle (ePMV).

The utilisation of this technology by the Army clearly demonstrates the flexibility of Australian innovation and technology for cross-sector application.