Who are they?

AMOG is an established world leader in delivering optimal solutions and high-end advice to a broad range of complex engineering problems.

They combine the expertise of qualified, practised and forward-thinking engineers with the power of an international network working across Defence, Mining, Transport, Renewable Energy and Civil Maritime industries.

Driving Innovation

AMOG Consulting collaborated with remote monitoring specialist Omniflex to develop Industrial Internet of Things (Iot) instrumentation for the resources sector.

The project focused on developing and deploying a low-cost sensor-communications system which can be retrofitted onto mobile equipment on mine sites and other industrial sites. The system enables data to be captured and processed to support decision making in real-time improving production, safety and asset health outcomes.

A great example of how well-directed funding can deliver real economic outcomes for the Australian economy.

Looking Forward

AMOG’s Smart Monitoring solutions were created with support of METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds. The successful first pilot resulted in AMOG and Omniflex securing additional funding from METS Ignited to support scale-up and commercialisation of the technology.

Additional funding is allowing AMOG and Omniflex to accelerate the scaling up of the business to meet global industry demand. This includes expanding production, certification as well as testing and performance verification process, to enable rapid adoption of this innovative digital technology.