Project description and overview

METS Ignited in partnership with NERA facilitated the growth of CORE Innovation Hub, as the first in a global network of hubs linking the resources technology sector and industry priorities within the CORE work program. This reinforces CORE’s build of proximity to challenges, solutions and market opportunity, alongside a culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and speed of commercialisation. First established in West Australia, CORE has now expanded into South Australia with support from the South Australian Government.

Project Status

METS Ignited and NERA contributions successfully established the CORE Innovation Hub as an Australian based global network of hubs linking the resources technology sector. CORE Innovation Hub works with startups, SMEs and industry partners in six key industries: Mining, Energy, Resources, Oil and Gas, Space and Defence. CORE Innovation Hubs provide co-working and business hubs to facilitate and drive collaboration across every level of industry, with sites based in Perth, Newman and Adelaide.

Successfully completed

Project Participants


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Attract and support a large number of high calibre startups and scaleups develop a wide range of collaboration and growth programs effectively leveraging beyond a coworking and events space CORE Innovation Hub has successfully supported over 250 innovators, with 20,000 people through the Hub programs to date, 1500 industry company engagements. In the first year, the Hub supported $5M of investment into local companies.