Who are they?

Queensland-based CRONIMET, a global commodities trader and metal recycling group, is applying its global expertise in mining waste reprocessing to transform waste materials at Mount Carbine into a saleable concentrate and benign waste stream suitable for industrial reuse.

Products of the highest quality are extracted from recyclable metallic materials through a range of operations including, mobile analysis equipment, baling machine and shears, turning crusher, briquetting, sandblasting and sorting plants. After raw materials have been analysed, sorted and partly processed they are returned to the raw material cycle.

Driving Innovation

In July 2020, the Mt Carbine historic mine waste transformation project secured $220,000 in funding from a partnership program between METS Ignited and the Queensland Government, to undertake a program to optimise scale-up application of ore sorting technology.

Together with industry partners EQ Resources, the University of Queensland, TOMRA Sorting Pty Ltd and DAS Mining Solutions the goal was to bring the Mt Carbine mine back to life by re-evaluating and reprocessing its tailings and low-grade stockpile.

The project brought together a METS solution on a mining site with research expertise to progress the commercialisation journey of dynamic mine planning software and new x-ray technology.

Looking Forward

CRONIMET is now progressing global opportunities following the success of the Mt Carbine waste transformation project, which enabled mine operator EQ Resources to secure $6 million capital to fund the expansion of the Mt Carbine project and set a production record in August 2022.

As a result of the initial project and their partnership with METS Ignited, CRONIMET has been able to trial the project and exceed the expectations of their industry partner. They have also recently mobilised a global business development team to identify new potential projects.