Project description and overview

MyPass Global is a digital workforce management system, designed to streamline safety and skills compliance in highly regulated industries. The cloud-based single “source of truth” covers an individual’s journey from training institution, entrance to the workforce, and skills development throughout their career journey.

Industry partners benefit from real-time access to match qualified and skilled workers to available jobs, the ability to identify skills development opportunities and collaborate with workforces from other industry partners across entire supply chains.

This project is focused on scaling the application globally, with new implementations being rolled out in Canada and Chile. The project demonstrates how local Australian METS technology can be rolled out globally, across multiple sectors and markets, helping businesses attract and retain skilled workers.

Project Status

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


  • Improving operational efficiency and productivity
  • Increasing the number of high-value, regional & indigenous job
  • Improving supply visibility for workers


MyPass continues to double its revenue every year and is at a critical juncture in its journey.