Project description and overview

Developing a multi-scale and multi-source environmental data platform to monitor, manage and reduce mining’s footprint – This project extends the capability of currently available mine site rehabilitation data platform to provide a complete suite of features.  There are no known competitor products internationally that focus on providing a data platform with tools and features specifically designed to monitor minesite rehabilitation.

The current practices are manual inspections and sampling at infrequent intervals and this platform, using data captured by UAVs, satellite and other sources is a major advance in providing comprehensive information on the state of a mine site and compliance with regulatory requirements. This technology is likely to have a significant impact on Regulatory Reform.

A sound market analysis and value proposition analysis has been made with the value delivered by the platform estimated at $187M.  This platform is likely to have a significant positive impact on the mining industry and on METS companies involved in the rehabilitation process.

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Project Participants


Government Funds


Significant value delivered, $187M in Australia and $2.6Bn internationally. 

Global market for these products . 

Adoption of a common data platform should lead to greater cross industry collaboration on environmental issues and reduce environmental impacts.


$20M p.a. Australian market within 5 years.


20 + FTE positions in Australia.