Project description and overview

Unearthed designed this specific innovation program to engage METS companies in collaborations with Tier 1 Mining clients and independent innovators was run throughout 2017. The program consisted of a global online product design competition, a METS focused Hackathon and a Tech Talent Portal. These activities have created engagement mechanisms to expose client problems to METS companies, showcase METS capabilities, bring new technology products to market and secure the role of METS companies in a well functioning technology innovation system.

Project Status

Unearthed has successfully assembled one of the largest communities of data scientists, developers, and startup companies involved in solving the challenges of the energy and natural resources industry. They provide the digital skills and capabilities to enable companies to transform their organisation. The program has delivered multiple technical challenges, developed significant internal capability, and can provide resources to address disruptive threats and opportunities. Their current challenges address the methods industry uses to explore, and is supporting the Electric Mine Simulation program led by Oz Minerals as part of the Electric Mine Consortium.

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


An Innovation Engagement mechanism for Start Ups and others new to the METS sector will create new opportunities for both Mining and METS companies.


10 to 15 Hackathon type engagements per year.


Increased access to talent for METS and Mining companies will lead to an extra 20 -50 jobs per year.