Project description and overview

Austmine is expanding its current highly successful Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program to open it up to both male and female students studying STEM subjects. The program links students with METS companies for fully paid vacation internships.  This expansion includes the addition of a METS and mining careers website which can be used as a promotional tool to attract students to the industry, as well as a go-to resource for students interested in METS and mining careers. It will also support universities and teachers who need to know more about the opportunities offered. 

The initial version of the program run in 2017 and 2018 placed 40 students per year and this program will place double that number each year. This project will have far reaching benefits for the METS sector, providing a talent pipeline of new employees, in particular those with STEM skills. The benefits also include the introduction of new digital tools and processes in the workplace, and improved understanding of university collaboration opportunities.

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Project Participants


Government Funds


More graduates will be interested in jobs in the Mining and METS sectors as a result of first hand experience.

Higher quality graduates will enter the METS sector.

Wider social impact benefits and a better understanding of the METS sector throughout the community.


An extra 50 to 100 graduates entering the METS sector annually.


50 – 100 FTE graduate jobs.