Project description and overview

Polymathian helps industry add significant value by solving complex planning and scheduling problems. The aim of this project is to remove lengthy, fixed time interval decision making, people dependent scheduling and delayed execution of mining plans. The project will increase NPV by enabling more complex, more dynamic and ultimately higher value plans to be delivered and executed. This will require optimisation, analytics, real-time localisation information, automation and machine learning to make informed decisions based on past performance, current mine status and predictability about future-state mine requirements.

Project Status

The application of Industrial Mathematics to this project is gaining interest from other key industry stakeholders and technology vendors in this space. These collaborations will ultimately benefit the mining industry as a whole. Engagement is with other industry participants who have similar problems that need solving, and the solution can both address the challenge in isolation or complement their existing solutions in a hybrid approach.

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


Expected to create growth for the Australian METS sector and strengthen Australia’s reputation in mining software innovation. A world first in the mining industry.


Expected $50M – $100M p.a. revenue