Project description and overview

The Ore Body Knowledge project originated from discussions between Miners and METS in the Austmine Co-Lab. The project aims to improve plant throughput by developing and trialling technologies to manage and distribute ore body information into the mining value chain. The key technologies are:

  • A single spatial repository containing precise, accurate and up-to-date information about all material held in a mine, with a specific focus on in-situ (un-blasted) material, blasted material and pre-crusher stockpiles.
  • A system to track the flow of material in near real-time from in-situ material, through all physical processes to downstream inventories.
  • Modification of existing manufacturing value chain modelling software to define all the value chain master data utilised by the spatial repository and tracking system and to use this to optimise the mining system.
  • A Physics Engine Module that when fed with actual data can accurately calculate the impact on material of physical events i.e. blasting, digging and dumping and update the spatial repository and tracking solution to provide a more accurate representation of the ore body and stockpiles states.

Proof of concept testing has already been conducted, with conceptual design of the BHA Carrier, GR detector, data logger electronics and DLS.

Project Participants


Government Funds


  • 100’s of jobs in METS companies leveraging the interoperability opportunities.
  • Setting a global standard for collaborative development of knowledge based products.
  • Creating opportunities for new Fleet Management software and for Mine Planning/Scheduling.


Commercial returns will be delivered within 12 months of project completion which is scheduled for mid-2020.


18 FTE positions, mainly software developers and optimisation experts.