Project description and overview

The cost of small manufacturing is often prohibitive for regional startups looking to scale-up production for market entry. Outsourcing within Australia can be challenging in terms of costs, and offshoring is limited to high production volumes.

Split Spaces proposed to establish a cooperative that enabled scaleups to rapid prototype and micro manufacture in the Mackay region. This led to upskilling, retraining, and utilising the capacity of current employees to operate high tech equipment thereby reducing labour costs. The project involved key stakeholders to ensure buy in to continue the development of a robust manufacturing sector locally. The project was a pilot involving a small number of eligible businesses to test the viability of a shared facility, with capability to rapid prototype and micro manufacture high tech innovative electronic products, with a centralised project management solution and final product assembly line.

Project Status

Successfully completed

Project Participants


Government Funds


  • A significant step forward for manufacturing capability and upskilling in the region.
  • Create the capability within the region to service new customers, bigger projects, and a broader range of markets.
  • High tech manufacturing – Printed Circuit Board (PCB’s), electronics, sensors and final product assembly.
  • Expanding local skills in areas such as plant and equipment data management, applied innovation, increasing efficiency and automation.
  • Fostering a collaborative business ecosystem in the region, facilitating entry to new markets for local SMEs.