Project description and overview

Gekko Systems recognised each process step in the extraction of gold operates largely independent of adjacent processes, mainly due to the lack of real-time data on the condition of the stream. This project will install, trial and implement a package of real-time gold measurement systems and data management software to deliver an interconnected and more productive extraction process. These technologies, along with the Process IQ VIP platform are the enablers for the next generation of leach optimisation and metal tracking tools and it is only by combining these offerings as an integrated system that their full potential can be realised. Substantial increases in gold yield will be achieved.

Project Status

The project initially created 15 manufacturing positions, with a future 15 to 20 roles across manufacturing and field technicians when mature. Without the grant process, it would have taken a lot longer to bring the solution to market. Collaboration with key parties – Orway IQ, CSIRO, Curtin Uni, Goldfields accelerated the delivery of the solution. The Goldfields collaboration has resulted in a high-quality outcome for the industry and mitigated risk for new technology.

In progress

Project Participants


Government Funds


Easy-to-implement integrated solution opens a pathway for Australian METS in the digital transformation space 75% of the revenue will come from overseas companies Each mine will continue to purchase ongoing services from the METS Companies.


Expected $100M p.a. revenue


50 + FTE positions.