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Australian METS companies building on success following support from METS Ignited


METS Ignited extends its congratulations to 3ME Technology for being named the #1 Most innovative Company for Agriculture, Mining & Utilities by AFR BOSS. This is an outstanding achievement and METS Ignited is proud to have been involved with 3ME Technology from its beginnings.

The crucial support provided by Collaborative Projects Funds investment through the METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre, with matched funding from the resources sector, enabled 3ME Technology to fast-track product development and bring their product to market.

METS Ignited CEO, Adrian Beer said, this recent success is just one example of how METS Ignited has enabled Australian METS companies to develop products that will enter and compete in this growing global market.

“The talent and capability present in Australia is phenomenal, but often investment is provided directly to our primary producers and their research partners. Our Collaborative Project Funds initiative supported by the Australian Federal Government, is focussed on supporting companies to commercialise their innovation, creating new products and new businesses who develop, test and manufacture new technology within our local economy.

“We are finally seeing Australian technology companies being recognised in their own right, as the engine room of our industry and the future of our economy,” said Adrian Beer.

3ME Technology provides cleantech solutions across mining, marine and defence industries, with their defence projects making a significant contribution to Australian sovereign capabilities. Their vehicle production projects are also supporting the local manufacturing and STEM workforce.

3ME Technology partnered with Safescape to develop the Bortana EV, and Aeris Resources and Batt Mobile Equipment to develop the TritEV, as part of the METS Ignited Collaborative Projects Funds initiative.

Their EV vehicles are supporting a transition of a traditional coal mining workforce to one focused on renewable technology.

“Many of the technology innovations METS Ignited have supported from their early development stages like 3ME Technology, are also helping to address the sustainable development of critical minerals which is key in attaining Australia’s zero net emissions goal.

“Additionally, collaborative projects are demonstrating their flexibility and adaptable applications across multiple industry sectors,” added Adrian Beer.

Congratulations again to 3ME Technology for this outstanding and well-deserved recognition.

For more information visit the Collaborative Funds Project page here.