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Following the final session of our Business Development and Sales Process Implementation masterclass today, we asked participants whether they would recommend the masterclass to their colleagues, and this is what they said:

This training takes us into a world and mind-set that most of we engineering types never even contemplated existed. The power in the elegantly straightforward processes involved to significantly increase sales results is quite liberating. … the groundswell of confidence that comes from a clear understanding of the core tasks required are bound to significantly improve bottom line outcomes.

I was never trained in this area, yet expected to achieve results. I now feel that I have the means to be able to get results.

The course content and method of delivery will benefit even the most experienced sales person.

This course run by 1000 Steps is a MUST for ANY business and is one of the best course I have ever attended.

Kathleen Conrad, the GM responsible for masterclasses, when asked about the responses thanked everyone that joined the masterclasses, and said she was thrilled that so many people were finding them so useful.