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EnviroMETS™ (Qld) Limited [eMQ] has recently announced the signing of a major seed funding agreement with the Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Research Extraction (CRC ORE). The funds will be directed towards mine site rehabilitation “lighthouse” projects in regional Queensland with the aim of improving re-commercialisation opportunities.

The CRC ORE funded “lighthouse” projects will deliver knowledge, technology, data, and evidence to demonstrate best practice approaches and inform policy and legislation on how net best value solutions can be achieved.

Allan Morton, Executive Director of enviroMETS, said enviroMETS would work with industry, government, researchers and innovative companies to identify new ways of rehabilitating mining impacted land, via re-commercialisation, repurposing and remediation.

The aim is to increase the ‘net best value’ for mining operators and future custodians, as well as local communities and the environment,” Mr Morton said.

Our enviroMETS Innovation Ecosystem model unlocks the potential to develop an operational template and become the model for similar regional or state-based project delivery platforms that create tangible economic, social and environmental value for mining affected lands,” he said.

Chairman of CRC ORE, Jon Lorraine, said he believed the enviroMETS Innovation Ecosystem presents a unique capability to find new, innovative and sustainable solutions which are beyond those of a single entity as it brings together the skills, experience, and the interest of its members into commercial project opportunities.

Like us, enviroMETS is a not-for-profit organisation and it will therefore be an effective, natural delivery partner of other research orientated initiatives,” Mr Lorraine said.

Directors of CRC ORE will continue to support enviroMETS to benefit from our decades of mineral extraction research in Queensland.

The agreement was formally signed by senior management from both organisations during a visit to CORE Resources’ minerals processing research facility.