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METS Ignited welcomes the announcement from the Australian Government of the 2022 Critical Minerals Strategy.

The $200 million Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative will help early to mid-stage critical minerals projects proceed to production, with an additional $50 million virtual National Critical Minerals Research and Development Centre to deliver breakthroughs in critical minerals processing and collaborative research.

METS Ignited Chief Executive Officer Adrian Beer said through the Australian Government’s Modernising Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) has prioritised Resource Technology and Critical Minerals Processing.

“The funding sends another strong signal to Australian technology innovators in our mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies.  Harnessing the skills and capabilities of these companies will strengthen our global resources sector, and converting this capability into products and services for the benefit of our national economy,” Mr Beer said.

The combined METS sector contributes $92 billion to the Australian economy and combined with mining, the METS sector supports over 1.1 million jobs, almost 10% of all full-time employment.

The Australian Government’s commitment of $243 million for four critical minerals projects will create opportunities and jobs in the nation’s mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

“The funding will help these four projects and strengthen Australia’s position as a globally significant supplier of critical minerals so essential for the clean energy transition, roll-out of electric vehicles and expansion of advancing manufacturing,” Mr Beer said.

Link to the 2022 Critical Minerals Strategy is here

Download full Media Statement- METS Ignited