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METS Ignited has launched a new national program aimed to maximise the impact of Australian research.

The global mining industry has consistently invested in Australia’s research sector, creating a world leading capability. Our goal is to release this stranded research, increasing access to this amazing capability.

To lead this important initiative, METS Ignited has appointed Executive Kylah Morrison as the national leader for Skills & Innovation. Kylah will lead the series of workshops across the country, working with the researchers and their industry partners to identify pathways for maximising impact.

The first of these workshops was held in South Australia, hosted by the University of Adelaide in partnership with the PRIF Mining Consortium, and the ARC Training Centre for Integrated Operations for Complex Resources.

Thank you to the PRIF for hosting us, and to all the PRIF and ARC researchers and research leaders who generously shared their work. 

This first workshop at the University of Adelaide proved that we are on the right track in identifying potential pathways for releasing stranded research – and is just the beginning!” Kylah said.

This new project is very promising and builds on the work METS Ignited has already delivered.

We are already looking forward to the next workshop,” Kylah said.

Facilitated by Kylah, the workshop involved leading researchers from ARC and PRIF presenting informative and compelling digital tech talks on their work.

METS Ignited CEO Adrian Beer acknowledged the ongoing critically important role of research in driving innovation in the resources sector and beyond.

It was extremely exciting to uncover the impressive achievements of these two research organisations. The potential of these researchers to create impact for our sector is significant,” Adrian said.

I am delighted to see the success of this new program which recognises the massive potential within Australia’s research sector.

We see enormous opportunity through increasing global access to the Australian
innovation ecosystem.

The PRIF (the South Australian Premier’s Research and Industry Fund Research Consortium Program) aims to increase the value of complex resources – that is, those which are increasingly harder to mine or process. In late 2022, the PRIF also received a commendation as part of the South Australian Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining.