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It’s a wrap! This week we completed our first ever Sales and Marketing Strategy masterclass. Held over five intense weeks it has proved to be a game changer – just ask the people that attended.

The course provides a clear and logical pathway to understand the ways that our business is different from that of our competitors and how these differences can be leveraged to create maximum advantage.

I think we may have been slightly sceptical at the start – everyone’s company thinks they have their sales & marketing strategies down pat.. and that this would be just another one of those courses on offer…. But when we dived into the detail of the models and advice from 1000Steps – we quickly realised there were areas we hadn’t fully stripped back and analysed. We were on the right track, but just fine-tuning certain strategies is what we needed. One of the biggest takeaways is positioning ourselves from a competitor point of view and what to keep, gain & lose when applying the differentiation tactics and models in a very niche competitive market.

I would strongly recommend it to any of my colleagues in the Sales department and/or our Managing Director as the class encourages (us) to look at our current strategy from different dimensions, providing new ideas for improvement.