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The 2023 QuantumTX METS, Space and Defence incubator program is celebrating its midway mark this week with showcase events at technology and robotics hubs in Sydney and Brisbane.

The program, led by METS Ignited and Atomic Sky, has this year awarded $1 million in support to 40 start-ups and small-to-medium companies across Australia. The Australian companies are scaling key technologies such as remote operations, robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, satellite communications, digital systems and interoperability.

Over the year, each of the organisations is provided support to grow their businesses as they scale their innovative products to create global competitive advantage.

METS Ignited is the major partner of the QuantumTX incubator program because it provides Australian businesses the commercial support to build expertise enabling them to scale across multiple sectors.

Adrian Beer, CEO of METS Ignited, explained that supporting Australian companies to commercialise technology will grow local businesses and create jobs for the benefit of all sectors.

The program allows innovators to understand the commercial pathways for technology adoption as businesses scale up, which is one of the best ways to increase national competitiveness,” Mr Beer said.

Late-stage researchers are also encouraged to join and consider how they could effectively commercialize with industry support. With prominent companies in all major industry sectors, the program is beneficial for those looking to achieve commercial scale.

QuantumTX is the largest industrial technology incubator in the Southern Hemisphere and has delivered more than $4 million of support to 164 startups and SMEs across the country. Participants gain access to over 50 experts from leading companies, meet with potential capital investors and
collaborators, and are mentored by senior experts nationally. Speakers include experts from Rio Tinto, BHP, Nova Systems, Hitachi, Oz Minerals, Q-Metco, Robotics Australia Group, AROSE, Imdex, Perenti, Microsoft, Fugro, Austrade, The Office of Defence Innovation, CSIRO and the Australian
Space Agency.

QuantumTX provides specific support for businesses focusing on innovation toward decarbonisation and net zero, along with regional capability development and expanding diversity in innovation ecosystems.

Technology and innovation underpin the drive toward net zero, they also have the power to unlock economic empowerment,” Ad. Prof. Rossdeutscher, Founder of QuantumTX and First Nations X said.

The QuantumTX incubator program is a key enabler of many of those innovative solutions from multiple industries. By streamlining industrial activities, developing energy technologies, improving operational efficiency, and creating new sustainable materials, QuantumTX is facilitating
collaboration between industries and promoting investment in the commercialisation of research and development. These efforts are crucial in achieving a sustainable future providing compounding benefits in all regions and all industries.

The growth of analytics and robotics capabilities in the resources sector alone is predicted to add an estimated A$74 billion to Australia’s economy by 2030 and create 80,000 new jobs. At the end of this decade, the Australian space sector is planned to be around $12 billion and sustain around 30,000 jobs.

Amongst the participants in the program is Melbourne-based 3ME Technologies with CEO Justin Bain explaining that 3ME Technology develop, supply and support safe, energy-dense lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle systems for arduous applications such as mining and defence.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in QuantumTX 2023 and would like to extend a big thank you METS Ignited and Atomic Sky for delivering this program nationally. QuantumTX 2023 will undoubtedly help boost the scale up of our solutions, which help tough industries achieve safer and more efficient operations while meeting their decarbonisation goals. We are excited to collaborate with our peers and partners in this program to drive positive change in the industry and look forward to the progress and outcomes that lie ahead,”, Mr Bain said.

The QuantumTX program is delivered in partnership with METS Ignited, with additional funding from the Queensland Government, Western Australian Government, Atomic Sky, The Australian Government and AROSE (Australian Remote Operations for Space & Earth). The incubator program’s continued success has helped cement Australia’s position at the cutting-edge of industrial technology applied between the nation’s leading sectors. For more information on the QuantumTX incubator program, please visit